Garage Door Opener Repair – How to Troubleshoot Openers

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A garage door opener is perhaps the most worked out appliance in a home. It gets as much of a workout each day (upon another) without showing any signs of stress or tension. It gives you a stress-free service for years on end, and you couldn’t be happier.

Unfortunately, they do break down sometimes. And when that happens, you can either fix it or call up a handyman to replace it for you. The former option sounds great as you don’t have to assume you need a replacement.

Fixing or repairing a garage door opener is quite simple, if you have a clue of what you need to do and which tools to use. So you don’t need an engineering degree, or a set of some special tools, or a lot of money to repair a garage door opener. Just some simple troubleshooting to help identify where the problem is, and voila! When you find out the problem, fixing it would be quite simple. Here are few opener problems and how to quickly fix them yourself at home.

How to Repair the Opener of Your Garage Door ?

If the remote of your opener works but the wall switch doesn't, well, it is important to initially test the wall switch. Testing it is easy. You first start by unscrewing one wire of the wall switch, and then testing the other terminal with it. If the garage door opener runs, then you will have to replace the entire switch as it is spoilt. Replacing switch wires and the wall switch is easy as the wires are low-voltage. To fix the problem, remove the switch and replace it with a new one.

Secondly, if the wall switch works but the remote doesn't, the first thing to do is to check on its batteries. They could be done with and need replacement. Or you can get another remote or receiver if after changing the battery nothing is working. That’s how you fix such a problem. It won’t cost much as you can also use an old receiver or a universal remote, which are cheaper to find. The only problem you might encounter is if you can’t find one for your opener model.

If the garage door opener goes up, but only goes down when you hold down the wall switch is a clear indicator that your sensors have gone bad. Repairing sensors can be tedious especially if you have never worked with sensors before. It is thus recommended to buy a new sensor but make certain to look for one that is specifically made for your garage door opener model. If the sensors go bad and you are cash-strapped to purchase a new one, you can also equally align the sensors to repair them.